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This Weeks Top Stories at Articles Extra

atomic powerplant

The Atomic Disaster in Chernobyl: This 12-part-series of articles goes into details about how the catastrophe of chernobyl came to be, how the people living close to the plant were affected and what happened afterwards to contain radiation. more...


Atomic Radiation in The Human Body: Invisible timebombs unfolding over years. This article describes what happens to the human body if exposed to radiation after an atomic accident and what can be done about it. more...

Odyssey gold coin

Odysseys real treasures still unrecovered: As the world gapes at Odyssey Explorers findings around the nicknamed "black swan" the gold rush is still to gain momentum in the trails of the "Sussex" just inside the Gibraltar passage. The story to the worlds biggest treasure ship ever. more...

Boeing 787 in Everett

Boeing 787 Dreamliner close up: A visit in the US plane manufacturers famous world record plant in Everett/Seattle as finally the production of the long haul 787 begins. Carbon fibre is used to build a huge monocoque just like in formula one racecars, only on a much larger and therefore more difficult scale. more...

Fuel Saving

How to really save fuel: As petrol prices are soaring people panic about how to afford their car. A world champion of fuel saving reveals his little tricks on how to save gallons. Just listen to the pro and try for yourself! more...

Mount Athos Monk

An exclusive visit on Holy Mount Athos: 9 hours of hard graft harvesting olives every day and two hours of prayer to recover from the hardships. – An unforgettable travel experience to the silence of the orthodox cloistral mountain island "Agios Oros" in Greece. more...

Eurofighter Typhoon

Eurofighter developed since 1975: Europes so called 21st-century-fighter-plane seems to be more a cold war oldtimer than a topgun tool. Have a closer look why the Germans tried to hit the emergency exit button for the developement of the costly, infamous high-tech Typhoon for decades. And why they just couldn't tear up the contracts. more...

Yellowstone Caldera

Time bomb under Yellowstone Park: A gigantic sub terrestrial bubble of hot, liquid rock is simmering under the famous national park. It could any time provoke a catastrophe easily capable of devastating the United States demanding millions of victims. more...

Space Elevator to Orbit

Elevator to the Universe: Imagine the view from a roof terraceon the 10.000th floor! Why a special elevator from carbon fibre could change space travel entirely taking huge pay loads into orbit without expensive rocket power. mars Missions would start with a ride similar to Charly in Willy Wonkas "Chocolate Factory" more...

Dolphins of War

Dolphins of war: The US Navy has them in service for many years and also the Russians trained these mamals for military purposes. What extraordinary and dangerous tasks are dolphins capable of taking over from man. And why are the lives of these clever animals put at risk? more...

Medicine from Beetles

Natural crawling beetle-medicine: Fancy a bug? Certain oil beetles work like Viagra, ladybirds are supposed to help against tooth ache and cardinal beetles can even save your life. The strange ways modern pharmacy tries to reep natures products, even if the are crawling through the jungle more...

Airbus A380

Worlds largest passenger plane: Airbus A380 on the launch! Why the successor of Boeings 747 jumbo is NOT the largest airplane in the world, how the huge wide body will fit onto the worlds airports and how the US plan to react to this European aviatinal attack in the next years. more...

Artificial Wine

Wine from the biochemical refinery: The tricks large winemakers in the United States, Australia and South Africa use to make their wines taste pleasant and mellow are shocking. But the wine making business has been all chemistry since thousands of years. Face it or drink beer! more...

Third World Poverty

Slums in holiday paradise: How best to deal with the unexpected encounter on your vacation. Articles Extra offers financial tricks and ethical tips for travellers who have to deal with beggars, disabled and hungry children outside their well guarded holiday resorts. more...

Racetrack Playa

Magically moving stones: On the Devils Highway at Racetrack Playa in the National Park of the arrid Death Valley a mystical phenomenon fascinates tourists, psychics and even scientists. What is the truth behind the secretly moving rocks in the middle of a vast and plain desert? more...

Wangari Maathai

Wangari Maathai, the heart of Africa: How the ingenious Kenyan power woman and mother impressed the world, saved thousands of lives, gave hope to a Million others and won the Nobel Peace Prize with her Green Belt Movement in 2004 – an interview. more...

Skitrac Indoor Skiing

Indoor skiing in a snails shell: An Australian inventor might revolutionize indoor skiing in countrys like Dubai or Japan: The skiers and snowboarders are constantly spiraled to the mountain top like on an escalator. No more ski lifts, no more queues! more...

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