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Animals Fate

Beetle Wars in Thailand – A weird but fascinating custom enthralls the Thai people with 6-legged gladiators
Dinosaurs with chicken feathers? – Did majestic T-Rex look like oversized poultry?
Dolphins of war – Why are the lives of these clever animals put at risk?
Free Willy: Freedom after only 19 years? – The killerwhales fate was even worse than the one of the Orca he was acting in the three part box office hit. What a shame!
Free Willys resort in Iceland – How the killerwhale became a film star and ended up with lifelong sentence in an underwater coastal cage. A personal visit before the Orca died
Meat artificially made – How harvesting beef, pork and chicken meat instead of killing the animals could change our whole planet
Pistol crab threatening NAVY – How a small "claw and order" crab shoots its way through military subway logs
Spider sensors for sensitive robots – What the worlds largest spider breed in a dark university cellar has in store for the world.
Unicorns secret seventh sense – A dentist has discovered the real clue behind the narwhales mystical tooth in Alaska.
Wasps pestering your picnic? – How to cope with them through understanding without getting stung and what else these insects are capable of