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Astronomy and Space Affairs

Alienprotection is not science fiction – How NASAs "Man in Black" actually fights against invaders from outer space
Antonov 225, the real jumbo queen – The largest airplanes in the world and how they perform
Asteroid hits are more likely than insect bites – Why mankind simply seems to have more luck than the dinosaurs
Astronauts test in a vacuum chamber – A personal test of how astronaut candidates experience and withstand unconciousness in critical situations
Brite Austria Microsatellite – How a small Alpine country in Europebecomes an independent space research nation
Earth is a natural nuclear reactor – Why a US scientist figures we are living on a thin, fragile egg shell
Earth without moon? A disaster! – What life on earth – if there were any – would be like without the man on the moon.
Elevator into space realistic? – Why the fun pun from Roald Dahls "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" could come true – in carbon
Exoplanet Gliese an optional Earth? – Search for a new home for mankind is not only a matter of space distances.
Gravitation cut off? – Why weightlessness on earth might soon no longer be a myth
Mars experience for 520 days – Moscows Institute for Biomedical Problems will simulate a trip to our neighbor planet inside a plywood mockup. The candidates will be locked up for one and a half years
Mars and deep space trips possible with hibernation trick? – How manned space flight could turn into a sleeping business where long distance is concerned
Mars mission in the desert of Utah – Simulating mans first visit to our neighbor planet in a remote habitat
Regolith (moon dust) could become a major resource – How the race for the moon might become an economical war for mankinds energy and oxygen resources
Sea Orbiter to conquer oceans mysteries – How a huge floating island will help to save the world and explore outer space as well
Tumbleweed rolling across Mars territory? – Why kingsized globes copied from mother nature might be the future for planetary exploration