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Common Knowledge

Amphibian ancestors rocking cradle of mankind – Upright walk could have come from "mermaids" and "froggy men"
Antonov 225, the real jumbo queen – The largest airplanes in the world and how they perform
Banana waste delivers quality paper – How a japanese professor found a new means of great developmental help
Bhutan, the kingdom on the Himalayans needs help – A special trip to the blind and needy in one of the remotest areas in the world
Dolphins of war – Why are the lives of these clever animals put at risk?
Eurofighter Typhoon is an oldtimer – How the Europes proposed topgun fighterplane is being developed and criticized since 1975
Fuel saving tricks from the expert – What a world record saver recommends to save car drivers some money
Gravitation cut off? – Why weightlessness on earth might soon no longer be a myth
Longinus Lance in Viennas treasury chamber – Scientific results and the truth about the infamous spear of destiny
Yellowstone Park is sitting on a volcanic time bomb – What might happen in one of the worlds most stunning nature reserves. And what a gigantic magma bubble can do to the USA
Wasps pestering your picnic? – How to cope with them through understanding without getting stung and what else these insects are capable of
Wine from the refinery – What shocking and astonishing tricks the world wide wine industry is using these days