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Thumbnail Photo Gallery and Online Image Archive

This is the photo gallery for and These pictures are for sale. Click thumbnails for a closer view.

Dies ist die Fotogalerie für und Diese Bilder sind zu kaufen. Bitte Thumbnails anklicken für eine größere Ansicht.

Umbrella tree at sunset in Kimani (Kenya)

Grossglockner Summit-View Horseback-Riding (Austria)

Renault Clio V6 wheel to wheel on racetrack

Burning gas-pipe near Novy Urengoj (Sibiria)

Harvesting donkey in vineyards (Cyprus)

Sunflowers in Styria (Austria)

Beware of falling coconuts. Sign on beach (Guadeloupe)

Mean green iguana at Bucuti Beach (Aruba)

Soldier on guard at Tiananmen square (Beijing/China)

Masai baby in Kimani village (Kenya)

Praying blind schoolchildren in Tashigang (Bhutan)

Sexy chinese girl (Hongkong)

Caged racoon in Vienna zoo (Austria)

Ox under palm trees on caribean island (Guadeloupe)

Registan palace in Samarkand (Usbekistan)

red garden flower

Antilope in Krueger Nationalpark (South Africa)

Camel in Palmyra (Syria)

Protea in botanical garden of Capetown (South Africa)

Praying Shaolin monk (China)

Cock in Tashigang (Bhutan)

Baby palm tree in white sand at Bucuti Beach (Aruba)

Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabrio in Austrian Alps

Old bearded man on market in Buchara (Usbeksitan)

Nuts and dried fruits on market in Chiva (Usbekistan)

Russian Locomotive T2E10V, 10 cylinders, 1974 (Kyrgyzstan)

Flying pelican in sunset of Florida Keys (USA)

Basketball players in The Bronx, New York (USA)

Himalayan farm house in Mongar (Bhutan)

Red dahlia in garden

Palm leaves against blue sky at Bucuti Beach (Aruba)

Three boys eating ice-cream at wall in Bukhara (Usbekistan)

Red column stair case to buddhist temple in Tokyo (Japan)

Cactus blossoms in Chivay canyon (Peru)

Stray dog infront of door in Chivay (Peru)

Fishing in Central Asia in River Amu-Darya (Usbeksitan)

Old man in historic center of Bukhara (Usbekistan)

folklore dancing woman in Samarkand (Usbeskitan)

Elephant baby in Southern Botswana

Morning dew on leaves in Plitvice (Croatia)

Game of backgammon infront of bazar in Chivay (Usbekistan)

Thistle flower in Southern Zambia

Emperors palace with view on city of Tokyo (Japan)

Giraffe family of four in Kimani game reserve (Kenya)

Giraffes infront of Mount Kilimanjaro (Kenya)

Pretty Masai girl in Kimani village (Kenya)

Muran warrior of Kimani Masai village (Kenya)

Elephant in National Park (Southern Zambia)

Female gazelle in Kimani game reserve (Kenya)

Curious monkey on garden chair in Victoria Falls (Botswana)

Snail on tree stump in Plitvice (Croatia)

Waterdrops on mossy rock in Plitvice (Croatia)

Heron at lake in Mombasa (Kenya)

Umbrella tree infront of Mount Kilimanjaro (Kenya)

Yellow weaver bird in Rift Valley (Kenya)

Grossglockner in Clouds (Austria)

Truck on highway with rainbow (USA/Utah)

Prayer wheels at temple (Mongolia)

Grazing zebra at Victoria Falls (Botswana)

Mushroom Rock in Monument Valley (Utah/Arizona)

Horse looking out of barn in Upper Austria

Rubber tree from which raisin is collected in a cup (Papua Newguinea)

Jaguar X-Type in front of castle in Birmingham (Great Britain)

Cross spider in her web in Austrian Alps

Burnt face of a corpse after fire (Los Angeles/USA)

Half covered cow skull in the Gobi desert (Mongolia)

Friendly lama portrait in Peru

Painted house facade in the suburb La Boca (Buenos Aires/Argentina)

Rock arc and flower in Monument Valley National Park (Utah/Arizona)

White House in Washington D.C. with a lonesome anti-war demonstrator

Convoi of Volkswagen Touareg during a rallye through Mongolias Gobi desert

Sleeping monk on the ferry boat to Mount Athos (Greece)

Ice sailing with a blokart on frozen lake Neusiedl (Austria)

Sexy Asian pinup girls at a race track in Macao near Hongkong

A boy carving Lamas as souvenirs on a salt lake near Salta/Argentina

A funny sitting cow in the Austrian Alps (Carinthia)

Two little girls playing in traditional Austrian dirndl costumes

A Mongolian grandmother with her granddaughter in front of her yurt in Mongolias desert

A Mitsubishi Pajero allterrain car in an offroad section

A mean green European mountain grasshopper closing in (Austria)

Skyline of Hongkong at night with ferry boat

A sleeping male Koala bear in a eucalyptus plant (Sydney/Australia)

Monastary churchbells on the beach of Mount Athos (Greece)

A young, curious pig running free at a mountain hut (Carinthia/Austria)

Ski tourists sunbathing at an alpine mountain hut in winter (Tyrol/Austria)

A cuban repairing his 1950s American car on the street (Havanna/Cuba)

An old chinese man with mao-cap in a town park (Inner Mongolia/China)

Spectacular snowkite jump in the Austrian Alps (Obertauern/Austria)

Cow mother and here little calf in the Carinthian mountains (Rattendorf/Austria)

Ripe blackberries in close-up-view (Rattendorf/Austria)

The rare Alpine flower Edelweiss (lat. Leontopodium Alpinum) in its natural environment in Carinthia (Austria)