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Science & Technology

Airbus A380 on the fly – The story behind the largest passenger airplane ever built and how it finally took off
Alienprotection is not science fiction – How NASAs "Man in Black" actually fights against invaders from outer space
Amber with enclosed insects is like time travel – Why the precious sap-jewels of centuries in St. Petersburg open a window into a past before mankind
Amphibian ancestors rocking cradle of mankind – Upright walk could have come from "mermaids" and "froggy men"
Antonov 225, the real jumbo queen – The largest airplanes in the world and how they perform
Artificial meat – How harvesting beef, pork and chicken meat instead of killing the animals could change our whole planet
Archimedes' solar death ray reconstructed – An M.I.T. professor revives a historic wonder weapon with his students and comes to astounding conclusions
Asteroid hits are more likely than insect bites – Why mankind simply seems to have more luck than the dinosaurs
Avalanches are killers in white – How the Alpine snow avalanche warning system works and helps to save many lives
Banana waste delivers quality paper – How a japanese professor found a new means of great developmental help
Big Bang underground simulator LHC – How scientists plan to create Black Holes and take a glimpse at the beginning of time and space with CERNs new Large Hadron Collider
Boeings 787 Dreamliner close up – A visit in the US plane manufacturers famous world record plant as production of the 787 starts
Brite Austria Microsatellite – How a small Alpine country in Europebecomes an independent space research nation
Designerbabys on the move – Why more and more parents want to boost their breed. And what the odds of a brave new world look like
Doping Laboratorys against cheating in sports – Take an inside look at how the antidoping comission is trying to keep track
Elevator into space realistic? – Why the fun pun from Roald Dahls "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" could come true – in carbon
EMP-bombs can shut down whole cities cheap and easy – How electromagnetic pulses and the technology of the 1940's could become a simpe and dreaded weapon of terrorists
Eurofighter Typhoon is an oldtimer – How the Europes proposed topgun fighterplane is being developed and criticized since 1975
Flexifuel E85 about to change oil politics? – How Sweden came of the hook of the oil industry and what the future of conbustion engines will look like
Fuel saving tricks from the expert – What a world record saver recommends to save car drivers some money
Goldengate suspension bridge from very close up – How the "iron lady of San Fracisco" get's her daily paint job
Gravitation cut off? – Why weightlessness on earth might soon no longer be a myth
Heart surgeon Christiaan Barnard has a successor in Capetown – A visit to Doktor Peter Zillas scientific castle on the Cape of Good Hope
Helicopter robots securing national boarders – Meet the Camcopter, the worlds future of unmanned flight on earth
Longinus Lance in Viennas treasury chamber – Scientific results and the truth about the infamous spear of destiny
Mars mission in the desert of Utah – Simulating mans first visit to our neighbor planet in a remote habitat
Nebra star disc under observation – The fascinating story of theft and treason behind one of the most important finds of archeology
Nuclear fusion in a simple glass of water? – How a simple freak of nature could change the world
Nuclear fusion reactor at ITER in France – Can man really tame the sun with this new technology?
Powerplant using paraglider technology – Using the greenhouse effect in the worlds largest building to reap solar energy
Robots "play" against landmines – Goalgetting little soccer-machines could help save children's lives
Sea Orbiter to conquer oceans mysteries – How a huge floating island will help to save the world and explore outer space as well
Skiing indoor in a snail-shell – Ski-Trac is a revolutionary new Australian winter sports concept for theme parks
Stones sliding magically in Death Valley – The awkward science behind the moving rocks in Race Track Playa
Subway below the Alps – Why the Swiss are planning a huge metro line below their mountain ranges to connect cities with up to 600 km/h
Supercavitation as loop hole for sea warfare – How a weirdness in underwater physics threatens to win the ocean wars of the future
Supervolcano almost eradicated mankind – How Toba in Indonesia almost wiped man from the face of the earth – and why it could happen again
Treasure hunters in the 21st century – Meet the adventurers of the odyssey explorer, their high tech equipement and their quest for the legendary MS Sussex
Tsunami warning for Europe – Why the old continent is not in a safe position as history showed a few times with deadly tidal waves and what to do against it
Tumbleweed rolling across Mars territory? – Why kingsized globes copied from mother nature might be the future for planetary exploration
US 101 is now an Italian based helicopter – How George Bush jun. new toy works, all the high tech and why European technology was prefered
Venus Express with a fiery space mission – Waltzing with a charismatic lady in (astronomical) heat
Yellowstone Park is sitting on a volcanic time bomb – What might happen in one of the worlds most stunning nature reserves. And what a gigantic magma bubble can do to the USA
Wasps pestering your picnic? – How to cope with them through understanding without getting stung and what else these insects are capable of
Waves against the greenhouse effect – How the oceans surf works against the warming of the earth
Wine from the refinery – What shocking and astonishing tricks the world wide wine industry is using these days