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Travel & Adventure

Aruba more than an Americanized island? – What the often overpraised dream destination in the Caribbean is really like
Bhutan, the kingdom on the Himalayans needs help – A special trip to the blind and needy in one of the remotest areas in the world
Bicycle tour through the USA (Series Part 1) – Starting from Boston to San Francisco: A continent on the bedside table
Bicycle tour through the USA (Series Part 2) – Cycling USA: Descent into hell through walls of water
Bicycle tour through the USA (Series Part 3) – Cycling USA: The lawn-mower epidemic
Bicycle tour through the USA (Series Part 4) – Cycling USA: The White Giant
Bicycle tour through the USA (Series Part 5) – Cycling USA: San Francisco and the fine lady in the mist
Bicycling up Grossglockner Mountain – The thrills of conquering an Alpine natural monument in Austria
Burj al Arab Hotel a fools tower? – What the famed "7-star-resort" in Dubai looks like in the view of a critic
Climbing indoor is not only a winter predicament – How the artificial mountains in old factory halls became a trend sport
Croatias Riviera, a treasure on the Med – Learn about Brac and Hvar and the world famous marble of the region. Or simply relax on the Makarska Riviera
Cyprus, the sunny bicycle island – The copper island full of myths and legends is a treasure chest for bon vivants and mountain bikers in autumn and winter
Danube's water seeping away into the North Sea? – A spectacular on-site research through caves and self-dug dangerous tunnels to a secret underground river flowing towards Lake Constance
Finlands Botnic Gulf is a Swedish style insider tipp – Travel the fascinating landscape of Western Finland and visit the unavoidable Tango festival
Finlands Karelian borders are fascinating – Russia was here and Sweden. Now the Finns relish their homeland and its rich well influenced culture
Goldengate suspension bridge from very close up – How the "iron lady of San Fracisco" get's her daily paint job
Grossglockner, Austrias largest peak under foot – First hand impressions from a hike into the everlasting snow of the Alpes
Guadeloupe is a treasure hunters paradise – It might be only treasures of nature that you find, but those are worth the trip.
Holy Mount Athos in Greece – The unforgettable experience of an olive harvest on the famous agios oros
Icelands ever moving volcano adventures close up – How the island of Vestmannaeyjar fights (and fought) against the planets strongest forces
Mongolia and China in a 4x4 adventure (Series Part I) – VWs noble all-terrains in tough testing along Chinas Great Wall
Mongolia and China in a 4x4 adventure (Series Part II) – European long nose men in Chinese custody
Mongolia and China in a 4x4 adventure (Series Part III) – What even the pope would be doing after this ride
Mongolias Naadam Festival in the desert Gobi – A trip you will never forget with the heris of Dschingis Khan and salted mutton milk-tea
Safari a las nubes in Argentina – A breath taking tour through the blooming ravines of the Andes in the Indian North
Safari special in the heart of Kenya – Be a scout and a gamekeeper and learn the tricks of hunters between zebras and lions
Siberian Picnic on the Polar Circle – The frosty delights of Novy Urengoj go as far as iced sushi...
Silk Route in Usbekistan – Travelling on a "flying carpet" through the land of 1001 nights
Skiing indoor in a snail-shell – Ski-Trac is a revolutionary new Australian winter sports concept for theme parks
Slums in Paradise – How to deal with poverty and beggars on your treasured vacation
Stones sliding magically in Death Valley – The awkward science behind the moving rocks in Race Track Playa
Subway below the Alps – Why the Swiss are planning a huge metro line below their mountain ranges to connect cities with up to 600 km/h
Thailand features Beetle Wars – A weird but fascinating custom enthralls the Thai people with 6-legged gladiators
Trainride through perilous Alatau Canyon – An unusual travel report from adventurous Kirgsztan