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Healing with tap water?

Precious stones in a water jar: the new trend of this summer. It doesn't only look esthetical but is also supposed to promote well-being. Is there any truth in revitalising water?

Gebirgsbach in den steirischen Alpen
Picture by T. Micke

When it is swelteringly hot, a lot of people consider water to be the most thirst-quenching beverage. Even though the sound of refreshing waterfalls or clattering ice cubes in a glass can be heard on the background of commercials for sweet sticky soft drinks of an artificial yellow color, clear water beats them all. Drinking water isn't sweet, nor salty, it doesn't have any calories. It is simply refreshing!

These days the number of carafes filled with water and colorful sparkling stones in living rooms and offices is increasing. Semi-precious stones in tap water: this combination seems to have an almost magnetic effect on people, even on water-loathers and people who notoriously drink too little. But why is that?

Is our sub-conscious telling us that we have something incredibly healthy standing in front of us, although so far there exists no trustworthy scientific evidence that amethyst, rock crystal and rose quartz have indeed the positive effects on water that they are claimed to have?

The instruction manual for the new hip beverage "stone-water" that comes with the stones sounds like a package insert: "Charge the stones outside in the sun monthly. Put them in a jar of water and let them take effect for a few hours. Never empty the jar totally. The stones must be covered with water at all times. After refilling the jar wait for a couple of minutes before you drink from it. Discharge the stones by rinsing them with tab water from time to time."

Edelstein Bergkristall
Picture by T. Micke

Could semi-precious stones be an accumulator for a healing energy still unknown to science? Could water, which still has some undiscovered properties, be the ideal mean for transferring this energy? Water is undoubtedly healthy, especially when the summer heat is dehydrating our body. Anyway, drinking 2 liters of water daily should be self-evident to everybody. But does revived water really have healing powers?

Those who claim it does, are easily called quacks or classified into the category of mystics. A paid visit to Prof. Herbert Klima of the TU Vienna who keeps busy with "biophotones" in living cells would even set sceptics thinking: "Experiments were done with water that was aerated with oxygen and then mixed or accelerated with a special mixer (invented by the German engineer Wilfried Hacheney). One group of soybean shoots was then watered with treated water and the other one with untreated water. Their biophotonic properties were compared."

Biophysicist Klima said in our interview: "We have found evidence that there is really a difference. We have also given subjects this water to drink. A difference in the behaviour of their pulse was demonstrable." Concerning the appraisal of the results the biophysicist exercises caution: "Only this much: it would be very advisable to make a large-scale study"

Ganzheitsmediziner Dr. Michael Ehrenberger erklärt den Informationsgehalt von Wasser
Picture by T. Micke

The holistic physician Dr. Michael Ehrenberger (known from the TV show "medical examiner" on the Austrian TV channel ATV) goes one step further with his explanation of the possible healing powers of water and stones: "Every system, no matter how small it is, reacts on the information it is fed. Shapes, colors and light could make a difference. There are some doctors who successfully treat e.g. pains with color or stone therapy without having any scientific explanation. Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healing method, connects the healing powers of stones and colours. So it could very well be that drinking "stone water" has a positive effect on us. Water is the most important element in our lifes.

Dr. Ehrenberger: "After all, we consist of 70 percent water but hardly know anything about it. Physics taught at university is just not enough to explain the "phenomenon" life."

Another possible approach: Subconsciously we intensively concentrate on each little pain, varying from a headache to a tummy-ache. Drinking each sip of water in the belief that we are doing ourselves some good might also promote our well-being.

At least our colleague at the editorial office who passionately drank too many energy drinks during work and switched to "stone water" this summer could improve her well-being.

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© A report by Tobias Micke (22-08-04) – Contact