help your tomato plants withstand hot weather

5 ways to help your tomato plants withstand hot weather

GardenBy Mar 10, 2023

With climate change, heat waves are more and more frequent in France and in the world. It is now necessary to adapt. But how to manage your garden, your vegetable garden and your plants during a heat wave? Today, we are particularly interested in the favorite fruit of the French during the summer: the tomato : )

We know it well: tomatoes grow in full sun. But can high temperatures be harmful for tomatoes? Expert gardeners say that six to eight hours of sunlight per day is enough for a tomato plant. In other words, the rest of the time, you can shade your plants without any problems !

The truth is that plants may well thrive in hot weather, but they will not pollinate or produce new fruit.

But then, how do you do it right? We’ll try to give you a few tips on how your plants can best withstand the summer heat…

Create shade for your tomato plants

The plant needs sun, but it also needs shade to develop fruit. Try to reduce the heat from noon to 4pm. Tomato plants need sun, but not scorching sun all day long. Be creative. For example, you can use a net to cover your tomato plants. The net is very light and protects mainly against birds. You can water through the mesh. A friend of mine told me that he built a wire structure and covered it with large branches. He had created a shelter or tomato hut in fact : )

Watering your tomato soil deeply

The goal is to soak the entire root ball. Water the plant copiously in the morning, then don’t water it for a few days. … Basically: it is better to water a lot at intervals than to water a little every day. The water must penetrate deeply into the soil. And then the plant will also be able to develop its roots in depth, and not on the surface. It will therefore be more resistant to heat. Watering is therefore essential for the good development of your tomatoes. Don’t forget that there are many solutions to simplify the task. They also allow you to save water while watering your tomatoes sufficiently.

Picking tomatoes quickly

Don’t expect too much from your plants. The idea: save them as much energy as possible. Pick the fruit right away if it is colored. If you pick them early, cut the tomatoes and place them on the kitchen counter for a while. Eventually they will ripen and taste just as good 🙂

Mulch your tomato plants

The more mulch you have, the more you can protect the soil and the plant from heat. You can use straw, it’s easy to find and cheap. But you can also use mowed grass or geotextile covered with pebbles. Put some compost underneath to nourish the soil. This way, it protects the top layer and cools the soil.

Protecting potted plants from heat

Potted plants are the most affected by the heat wave, because you can’t water deeply in a pot.You have to water the plant every day. You have to water the plant every day, maybe twice a day in such a heat.

In short: multiply the tricks so that your plants do not suffer too much from the heat: deep watering, creation of shade… Heatwaves do not usually last more than a few days. Be particularly attentive to your garden during this period.

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