A sauna at home: what are its benefits?

A sauna at home: what are its benefits?

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If you have the space, have you ever thought of installing a sauna in your home? With the current offers, you don’t need to have a lot of space to create a real wellness space in your home. From the single person sauna to the 8 or 10 person sauna, all types and finishes are available. And it is not always necessary to spend several thousand euros to enjoy yourself. Come on I tell you more about these saunas to install easily at home.

What is a traditional sauna?

The sauna is one of the key elements of relaxation and the fight against diseases of the body. It must be said that there are many benefits attributed to the sauna. Indeed, it helps to fight against respiratory disorders, cardiovascular diseases and fatigue. However, not all saunas are equal and you must take into account certain criteria to choose your sauna.

The sauna is a place where it is good to live and relax by enjoying a good session of relaxation.

If you want to enjoy a sauna at a low price, it is recommended to choose infrared or wooden saunas. The latter bring a touch of authenticity and modernity to your relaxation space.

Where to install your sauna in which room?

If you choose to install your Finnish sauna in your home, a few precautions should be taken.

The indoor sauna is designed for people who prefer a more comfortable sauna. This means a smaller size and good ventilation in the room where it is located.

If your sauna is delivered in a kit ready to assemble, you should choose a tiled surface. And as mentioned before, a room with good ventilation. Today, many kits are plug and play. Once the installation is complete, all you have to do is plug the heater into a power outlet to start your first session.

You do not need a large surface. From 65,16 ft² you have enough space for a successful installation.

Of course, you can buy an outdoor sauna. There are many models sold online at 3 500$, usually in kit form, to assemble yourself. If your garden allows it, it can create a real relaxing space. Some retailers even sell trailer format, delivered already assembled. You just have to put it on a concrete slab (or other) and it’s done.

The different types of heating for your sauna

To raise the temperature in your sauna, you can choose between two heating systems. Either the installation of an electric heater, which is the type of heater usually sold with the kits. But you can also choose a wood-burning heater.

The electric stove with inertia: the heat source is constant and therefore silent. There is also the electric stove inertia steel: this model is very popular for its aesthetics and soft heat. The cast iron inertia models offer a softer heat and at the same time more homogeneous, they are very used for infrared saunas.

For your future sauna you can also choose a heat from a wood stove. They are generally used for Finnish saunas installed outside, in your garden or on your terrace.

Where to buy your sauna to install at home?

I advise you, if you can, to go to a store near you. For a simple reason, you will be able to better realize the space taken by your new relaxation space. You can test the equipment in practice, see how the interior of the sauna cabin is laid out, etc. Generally, the stores offer a showroom with the different accessories available. The store will be able to quickly give you a quote, and if you wish, offer you a price for the installation of your kit.

And if ever you should have the slightest problem, the contact with the after-sales service will be easier than via a telephone platform (sometimes not located in US) or unfortunately a simple e-mail.

There are of course dozens of online stores that offer kits. And saunas ranging from entry-level to very high-end custom saunas at over 30 000$.

Finally, don’t forget to take a shower after your session to clean your body. The cold shower has many benefits for your health. It is very important after a sauna session. Indeed, cold water refreshes and warms the body while boosting blood circulation.

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