Jennifer NILEIST

I'm Jennifer. My hands are often covered in soil, and my heart is full of passion for nature. Through my writings, I share my personal gardening journeys, tips, and the joy of cultivating both plants and a community of fellow garden lovers. Every plant I grow adds a story to my life, and I love sharing those tales with my readers.

Safe outdoor games for your baby : which ones to choose ?

GardenBy Mar 12, 2023

With the nice weather slowly but surely arriving, you are probably starting to think about little outdoor games for your baby. But how do you choose them? And which outdoor games should you choose for safe play areas? From wooden games to sandboxes, here are my ideas and my small selection of products and accessories to play with your child…

Using a mosquito repellent for your baby : the right reflexes

With the return of the sun, and a few days of summer, you have surely noticed that our friends the mosquitoes are numerous present in our gardens, parks for children. If as adults we easily protect ourselves with anti-mosquito products available in pharmacies or parapharmacy, how to protect your baby from mosquitoes? What kind of products can you use without…

Gardening kit for kids : which one to choose for family gardening ?

GardenBy Mar 10, 2023

Because playing with your child and creating constructive play activities is very important, you can turn to gardening to get your child used to understanding and respecting nature. He will find in this activity the opportunity to put himself in the skin of the gardener and the pleasure of immersing himself in the earth. Go to the end of this,…

5 ways to help your tomato plants withstand hot weather

GardenBy Mar 10, 2023

With climate change, heat waves are more and more frequent in France and in the world. It is now necessary to adapt. But how to manage your garden, your vegetable garden and your plants during a heat wave? Today, we are particularly interested in the favorite fruit of the French during the summer: the tomato : ) We know it…

Photovoltaic panels for your garden : how to install them ?

With the rising cost of energy and with more and more equipment and power tools for your garden, is it a good idea to install solar panels on your garden shed? Will you save money with photovoltaic panels? If so, which brands offer ready-to-install solar panel kits? Finally, what budget should you plan for your future self-consumption kit and how…

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