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Jonathan Saam

I'm Jonathan, an avid gardener and home décor enthusiast. When I'm not getting my hands dirty in the soil, I'm penning down my experiences and insights for a leading blog on gardening and home decoration. My home reflects my love for greenery and aesthetic design, and through my writings, I aim to inspire others to find the perfect balance between nature and interior design.

Transform your garden: 9 august flowers for an unforgettable autumn wonderland

GardenBy Jul 27, 2023

As summer begins to fade and autumn approaches, it’s time to plan for a beautiful garden that will continue to flourish during the cooler months. August is the perfect time to start planting specific plants and flowers that thrive in the fall season. In this article, we will explore nine fantastic plants and flowers that you can plant in your…

Bored with Your Kitchen? Discover the Secret to a Minimalist and Cozy Makeover

DecorBy Jul 15, 2023

Chasing after the Northern Lights of design, one is bound to land in the heart of Scandinavia. This minimalist yet cozy style, often referred to as Scandinavian design, strikes an immaculate balance between functionality and aesthetics. Renowned for its simplicity, warmth, and utility, this style could be the perfect choice for your kitchen. But how does one infuse a kitchen…

Harnessing the power of the sun: do solar panels add to the value of a house?

Solar PanelsBy Jul 15, 2023

In the golden light of dawn, they gleam—solar panels, the symbols of a future powered by clean, renewable energy. As we continue our race against climate change, solar energy has become a shining beacon of sustainability. But aside from their environmental benefits, do these sun-powered devices affect a property’s real estate value? Let’s delve deeper into this multifaceted question.

Get WOWed by the vibrant presence of colourful gorilla sculptures in Central London!

NewsBy Jul 14, 2023

Central London has recently become a colorful oasis with the arrival of striking gorilla sculptures. These eye-catching artworks have taken the city by storm, capturing the attention of both locals and tourists alike. Commissioned as part of a public art initiative, these sculptures aim to celebrate conservation efforts for these magnificent creatures while adding a touch of vibrancy to the…

5 foolproof ways to water tomato plants in your garden

GardenBy Jul 14, 2023

Tomato plants are a popular addition to home gardens and kitchen gardens due to their delicious flavor and versatility in various recipes. However, ensuring they receive proper water is essential to promote healthy growth and prevent serious consequences such as wilted plants, uneven ripening, and nutrient deficiencies. In this article, we will explore five methods to water tomato plants properly,…

Master your garden with these 9 must-know tips for July

GardenBy Jul 13, 2023

July is a critical month for garden enthusiasts, as it marks the pinnacle of the gardening season. Given the hot weather and ample sunlight, it is paramount to nurture your garden in the best possible way. Whether you have an extensive plot of land or a modest balcony garden, these nine essential tips for July will help ensure your plants…

Vibrant summer drinks recipes: revitalize with fruity, veggie and herb infusions

NewsBy Jul 13, 2023

When the summer sun reaches its peak, a refreshing drink is a sought-after ally. From classic lemonades to intriguing cocktails starring nature’s best, there are countless relishing recipes out there. Let’s explore the horizon of taste with recipes that highlight the brilliant mix of fruity sweetness, vegetable goodness, and the delicate kick from various herbs, all combined to bring you…

Maximize your tomato plant growth: expert tips to space your plants in your garden

GardenBy Jul 13, 2023

Spacing your tomato plants properly is crucial for their healthy growth and abundant yield. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, understanding the right spacing techniques can make a significant difference in the overall success of your garden. In this article, we will explore the importance of properly spacing tomato plants and provide you with practical information on…

Buzzworthy Secrets Revealed: 6 Easy Steps to Attract Bees to Your Garden Like a Pro!

GardenBy Jul 12, 2023

Bees play a vital role in our ecosystem as pollinators, aiding in the reproduction of plants and ensuring our food supply. Unfortunately, bee populations worldwide have been declining due to habitat loss and pesticide use. As home gardeners, we can make a significant impact by creating bee-friendly environments in our own backyard. In this article, we will explore seven easy…

Top 5 methods to conserve water in your garden this Summer

GardenBy Jul 12, 2023

As global temperatures continue to rise, it becomes ever more crucial to use our resources wisely, more so water. Likewise, the strain of maintaining a lush garden during the heat is a challenge many homeowners face. The good news is that there are ways to care for your garden without wasting water this summer. Here are nine strategies you can…