Decorate your garden for summer with a guinguette garland

Decorate your garden for summer with a guinguette garland

GardenBy Mar 15, 2023

You want to give a festive air to your terrace or your garden thanks to the guinguette style garland light! But where to buy it and how to install it ?

What is a guinguette garland ?

In the 19th century, the word “guinguette” meant a place where you could have an aperitif in Paris. Nowadays, it refers to a café/restaurant located in rural areas outside Paris. In short, it refers to houses, bars and restaurants located in the French countryside.

Nowadays, we talk a lot about the guinguette garlands because they give a festive air to the house, and make the summer evenings joyful and friendly.

Garland lights are the ideal solution to create a magical atmosphere in your garden or on your terrace. It is simply a string of lights made up of a multitude of bulbs of different colors. Good mood guaranteed!

Where to buy my garland ?

You can easily find them in DIY stores that have a lighting section. Go look in the outdoor lighting sector, there are certainly some.

On the Internet, many sites offer them. Be careful about the quality though. If it’s too cheap, the garland may not last even a year…

Make sure you choose a model that is weatherproof and easy to hang. There are models with electrical outlets: in this case check that your terrace has an available outlet. Otherwise there are solar models that work very well. You can place your garland wherever you want, as long as the small solar panel is well placed in a sunny area.

This decoration will be an original way to dress up for the summer vacations!

In addition to being used as a garden lighting accessory, you can also make good use of these lights during outdoor activities like beach parties or barbecues with friends.

How to install a garland ?

With more and more people wishing to equip themselves with a beautiful garland guinguette, it is necessary to note that it is likely to be sometimes more complicated than expected. Indeed, as you can imagine, some models are sometimes more difficult to install than others, and this can sometimes cause significant dissatisfaction among some customers. Fortunately, solutions exist and allow you to install a garland easily, without having to spend hours on it.

Of course, you can for example go to this site to know how to install a garland, or watch videos on the web on this subject. But we have decided to give you some indications to save you time. Thus, you will simply have to follow the few tips that follow.

In order to place your garland along a wall, you can for example fix it or put it on a support. For this, remember to buy hooks before proceeding with the installation, it will help you to put everything in place when the time comes. So, you must check that you can place these hooks inside the wall, without taking the risk of damaging it. Once you have done this check, you can finally hang your garland.

However, there is another possibility to install a garland, and that will be much easier for you. Indeed, you just have to hang your garland on one side and the other, using the furniture that is already in place. This can, for example, concern a lamp post that is already fixed to the wall, or a balcony or a terrace that already has a railing.

Where should I install it in my garden ?

You can use it to decorate your front door or window, your outdoor spaces, your trees, your railings… It depends on the desired effect and the season! In winter, the garland will find its place in a large tree in the garden.

In summer, it will look great hanging along the pergola!

More generally, you can install this garland in your garden, on the front of your house, on the terrace or at the entrance of your business. It will certainly give a festive air to all these places!

If you have the budget, invest in a long garland: the effect will be even more successful. Or take several: it is better to keep a homogeneity in the decoration of your garden. Finally, remember to take your garland inside when you are not using it: its life span will be even longer : )

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