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Discover 4 Low-Maintenance Evergreen Climbing Plants for Your Garden!

GardenBy May 06, 2024

The Star Jasmine

The star jasmine is a climbing plant with tube-shaped flowers and five-lobed corollas, giving it a helix-like appearance. It can reach up to 6 meters in height with support. For this spring, you can opt for the “Variegata” or “Tricolo” variety to add a beautiful mix of green, white, or pink to your garden.

  • Scientific name: Trachelospermum jasminoides
  • Family: Apocynaceae
  • Flowering period: May to August
  • Height: 5 meters
  • Soil: Well-drained, avoid excessive watering during winter
  • Propagation: Spring cuttings

The Star Jasmine

The Pyracantha

The pyracantha is a versatile climbing plant known for its thorny branches and year-round flowers. It can be shaped according to your inspiration and is an excellent defensive shrub. The most common varieties are “Coccinea” with red or orange fruits and “Golden glow” with yellow fruits.

  • Scientific name: Pyracantha
  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Flowering period: June
  • Height: 5 to 6 meters
  • Soil: Rich in humus, well-drained
  • Propagation: Autumn sowing under cold frame, summer cuttings

The Pyracantha

The Ivy (Hedera helix)

The ivy is a climbing plant with delicate stems that can be trained to grow vertically. Hedera helix includes numerous cultivars with colorful foliage, such as “White Knight” or “Eva.” These ivies can also be used to hide fences, compost bins, or serve as shelters for wildlife.

  • Scientific name: Hedera helix
  • Family: Araliaceae
  • Flowering period: Summer
  • Height: 20 meters
  • Soil: Ordinary
  • Propagation: Autumn cuttings, layering

The Ivy

The Clematis armandii

The Clematis armandii is a less common climbing plant with early flowering and a delightful fragrance. It requires minimal care but cannot tolerate drought or excessive watering. Provide it with a rich, well-drained soil to thrive.

  • Scientific name: Clematis armandii
  • Family: Ranunculaceae
  • Flowering period: March-April
  • Height: Up to 8 meters
  • Soil: Rich and well-drained
  • Propagation: Spring cuttings

The Clematis Armandii

With these low-maintenance evergreen climbing plants, you can easily add color and fragrance to your garden. Choose the variety that suits your taste and enjoy their beauty!

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