explore the enchanting world of 4 night-blooming flowers that unveil their beauty only at dusk. learn about these captivating flowers and their mysterious allure.

Discover 4 Night-Blooming Flowers That Only Open at Dusk

GardenBy May 07, 2024

Discover 4 Night-Blooming Flowers That Only Open at Dusk

While some flowers take advantage of the peaceful nights to rest and replenish, others take the opportunity to bloom and share their delicate hues. If you want to create a true haven in your garden, here are the plants not to be missed.

Belle de Nuit

This semi-hardy plant is often planted at the base of a wall because it only tolerates light frost. It only needs a light and well-drained soil for good flowering. Don’t hesitate to provide it with some fertilizer during its vegetative period to ensure it gets the necessary nutrients.

The Vanilla Cactus

Also known as the “queen of the night,” this cactus reveals its flowers for only one night, offering a magnificent spectacle. The plant is also used in pharmacy and makes an excellent substitute for digitalis. It reproduces through stem cuttings.

Hedge Bindweed

Often cultivated as an ornamental plant or vegetable, the hedge bindweed is a plant that has no difficulty spreading to the point of being considered a nuisance. When encountered in large quantities, it is often a sign that the area is damp and the soil is imbalanced. At night, it offers beautiful white trumpet-shaped flowers.

The White Morning Glory

Bringing color and originality to gardens, the white morning glory blooms at night and disappears in the morning. With its large white funnel-shaped flowers that are highly fragrant, it adds extra charm to any plant. Easy to maintain, this plant is frost-tolerant and appreciates warm climates with regularly watered soil.

Now that you have a better understanding of these night-blooming flowers, what will your future nocturnal garden be made of?

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