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Top Ornamental Plants to Plant in May

GardenBy May 03, 2024

Top Ornamental Plants to Plant in May

As spring reaches its peak, there is still plenty of work to be done in the ornamental garden. May is the perfect time to plant a variety of beautiful flowers that will add color and charm to your outdoor space. Here are some top ornamental plants to consider planting this month.


Iris plants come in many different varieties, some of which have stunning bi-colored blooms. To plant irises, choose a well-lit area in your garden and prepare the soil by adding compost or potting soil to improve its nutrient content.

Remove the iris from its container and place it in a hole, making sure to leave the rhizome exposed. Gently firm the soil around the plant and water it thoroughly. Once established, reduce the frequency of watering.


Paeonies are a popular choice for gardeners, thanks to their beautiful blooms and easy care. To plant peonies, prepare a hole that is approximately 50 cm deep and incorporate compost into the soil.

If your peony is in a container, place it level with the soil surface without burying the crown. If you have bare root plants, carefully cover the buds with soil while planting. Avoid deep planting, as it can hinder the plant’s growth.


Aubrieta is known for its abundant flowering and vibrant pink to purple colors. To plant aubrieta, loosen the soil, ensure good drainage, and dig a hole that is about 30 cm deep.

Before planting, moisten the root ball for about 15 minutes. Gently place the plant in the hole and firm the soil around it. Regular watering is essential to encourage well-developed roots.


Dahlias are easy to plant and offer a wide range of colors and flower forms. They thrive in rich and well-draining soil. Plant dahlias directly into the ground at a depth of about 15 cm, lightly firming the soil and watering after planting.

Tall varieties may require staking to support the plants. If you prefer, you can start dahlias indoors in moist peat moss before transplanting them into the garden.

With these top ornamental plants, you can create a beautiful and vibrant garden that will bring joy and beauty to your outdoor space. Don’t forget to provide these plants with proper care, including regular watering and fertilizing, to ensure their optimal growth and longevity.

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