unusual: installing an elevator in a residential house

Unusual: installing an elevator in a residential house

NewsBy Mar 31, 2023

If we are all used to take an elevator in a building, it is more unusual to take a mini elevator when you are in a private house. But if this idea may seem unusual to you, it does exist and more and more individuals (who can afford it) are buying a mini elevator for their main residence. Let’s zoom in on this unusual practice, which is nevertheless developing more and more.

A domestic elevator: really?

With a compact domestic elevator, you can move from one floor to another in your house, safely and comfortably. Today, private models only require a floor space of 9.365 Square Feet, so a mini elevator takes up very little space.

As the elevator moves up and down along two rails, it does not require an elevator shaft.

This means that you have all your living space available when the elevator is on the other floor.

How to install a mini elevator in a house?

A conventional passenger elevator consists of a masonry or concrete elevator shaft, in which the car moves from one station to another. However, most apartment buildings and single-family homes rarely have the space to install such a shaft, which is why the subsequent installation would require expensive construction work.

The average cost of such an installation is between 15 and 30,000$.

When installing a mini elevator, it is usually necessary to provide space for a water system.

In the case of hydraulic installations, the hydraulic unit is sometimes also located separately in a laundry room or a cabinet – which makes the installation quieter.

How much does your mini home elevator cost?

As I mentioned above, prices range from around $18,000 to around $40,000, or even $100,000 (if there are several floors or great heights to be crossed), depending on the model, equipment, type of use and number of floors. In addition to the cost of the exterior elevator and its installation, you must also add the costs of maintenance, electricity and technical inspection.

A mini elevator very useful for people with reduced mobility

The stairwell of your house has become narrow or tortuous and the installation of a stairlift is not possible? In this case, you will have to turn to an alternative to be able to change floors effortlessly in the future. The cabin of an elevator is usually large enough to accommodate a wheelchair, so that even people with severely reduced mobility can use it.

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