gardening table : how to choose ?

Why use a gardening table for your garden work?

GardenBy Mar 27, 2023

If you have a garden, and you are used to doing gardening work in your home, whether you are an amateur or an expert, you always need some basic tools that ensure your comfort and ease of the tasks to be done. Among these most important tools, we have the gardening table, it allows you to do several things while standing without having to be squatting or kneeling all the time, and hurting your back. In this article, we will talk about the role of this table in your garden and its different functionalities.

The role and usefulness of a gardening table

In every garden, there must be a small table somewhere in the corner, at least to hold and put underneath some gardening tools. In order to maintain your small plot of land comfortably, you must have a gardening table, it is a traditional table with its basic form, the simplest, often wooden, with four legs that contains a shelf at the bottom, where you can put what you want, your tools or small plants.

Indeed, the gardening table is used to help you do your work standing up instead of squatting all day, having a storage space underneath, like a small closet, it will be even more useful and practical.

But it can also be as a decorative accessory in your garden, especially if you customize it, even more so with a suitable paint according to the style you want, you can put on it your favorite plants, and add to your garden a Provencal touch with the flowers and vials that blend perfectly with its wooden structure, or metal.

what are the different gardening tables sold in stores?

Gardening tables come in all shapes and colors, and most importantly, today they are made of several materials. You can find gardening tables made of wood, which is the most common, because it is the most affordable material, and also, it can be made at home without having to buy it or customize it at a carpenter.

In general, the wooden garden tables are made of pine, their advantage is that they are not too sensitive to weather conditions, so they are resistant to moisture and insects. Otherwise, there are those that are made of metal completely or partially, that is, just the part of the tray, called the worktop. This type, ensures you more longevity and durability, especially if it is made of epoxy steel.

Where to buy a gardening table?

First, it is important to say that it is quite possible to make a gardening table at home, if you have just a little DIY know-how, and patience especially, you can then customize it yourself according to your preferences. Otherwise, if you prefer to buy it, try to choose the right model, if it is made of metal, opt for metal that does not rust, and for wood, try to choose the best resistant to insects and weather.

The prices of gardening tables vary according to the quality and functionality of each. For an entry-level model, you can have one from 30 to 60$, otherwise, if you want a more elaborate model, you need a budget of 90 to 200$.

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