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Safe outdoor games for your baby : which ones to choose ?

GardenBy Mar 12, 2023

With the nice weather slowly but surely arriving, you are probably starting to think about little outdoor games for your baby. But how do you choose them? And which outdoor games should you choose for safe play areas? From wooden games to sandboxes, here are my ideas and my small selection of products and accessories to play with your child in your garden.

A complete playground with a portico

To have a complete playground immediately you can opt for a playground gantry. There is no shortage of models, at all prices. They can be made of wood, metal and with more or less games offered. These complete playgrounds are very practical, but of course you need to have space in your garden. They can integrate a swing, a portico and even a slide.

If you have the opportunity to buy foam protection for optimal safety of children.

Prices start at around 100 $ for a simple playground. And if you have the budget, you should know that some top of the range complete playgrounds are sold for up to 2000$ online. Of course the delivery is free and not only at Amazon. At this price you have a wooden playground with double swings, slide, or a small house for children. Some models are multi-age, so you can invite all your friends and family to play. There are even models with water games. If the water games are very practical in summer, be careful when the temperatures are less mild 🙂

Check out the reviews left by other parents because at this price, it’s better not to make a mistake and buy games that perfectly match your needs and those of your children.

A nice safe sandbox

This is a game that appeals to both young and old: the sandbox. You will find many structures of different sizes. You can perfectly find a kit adapted to the size of your garden. A secure model that will please your child but also the parents ! I advise you to choose a wooden structure for a durable product. And especially for a play area that will fit perfectly in your garden. You can also ask your grandparents to give you a sandbox as a gift, which will take its place in your garden next to a baby slide.

My little advice, to avoid making your house a beach, think about it.

A slide adapted to the little ones

You’ll think I’m repeating myself (if you’ve already read other baby articles on my site), but when you buy online always check the delivery price. Usually delivery is included (for example at Amazon for Prime subscribers). Because sometimes even when the delivery is free on the presentation page of the game, once in the cart it is not. Or it’s free if you pick it up at the store 🙂

As for the price of a baby slide, it’s a big difference as it often is. From 30 to more than 500$ (yes yes). Here are the size of the slide, the materials used, the guarantees offered that make the price rise.

Of course the list does not stop there. There are many games and products to allow your baby to have fun in complete safety. You can perfectly offer him a swing or an adapted play table. A trampoline can also become an essential part of your garden playground. Always choose a trampoline model that is appropriate for the age of your child. A two year old baby and a 5 year old child have different needs.

You can also use some of the accessories, toys and products that are already in your home outside. You just have to clean them well after use. So take a look at your stock of toys. Sometimes we forget about all the toys that are already available in a drawer or cupboard.

Finally, the opinions of your friends and family can help you make the right choices. Or even discover games and ideas for children that you won’t find in online stores.

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