A vegetable garden when you are new to gardening

Our guide to gardening as a beginner !

GardenBy Mar 13, 2023

Beyond the things we are taught, others are born unconsciously, this is what we call: passions. Indeed, some people like to read, others to write, then there are those who like to cook, others to garden. Here… What if we talk about one of these passions? Let’s inaugurate this selection by tackling an unusual subject, namely: vegetable gardens, the good they give us, and let’s show beginners how to do it. Here we go…

Vegetable gardening : how to start as a beginner?

Life is a school in itself, teaching us hundreds of things every day, yes! We are not born and become knowledgeable overnight. That said, there is a first time for everything, and that is what adorns life in the end… Discovery. First of all, you have to be convinced of the desire to make this vegetable garden, although some people do not understand the concept, under the pretext that there is a market just a few steps from their home, the reality is a little darker than that.

Indeed, when we buy the products we consume, we are not sure of the compositions, and therefore, we do not know what is really in our plate. On the other hand, when we grow fruits and vegetables in our own garden, it is another thing, we know exactly what is there, so we will have the privilege to feed ourselves healthily.

Let’s remember that fruits and vegetables are essential for the health of all.

But they will certainly be richer in vitamins if they are grown on land that we know and that we have walked on all our childhood.

How to start a vegetable garden : the essentials to know when you are a beginner

It is clear that when you start as a beginner, many things escape you, that’s why you need the help of an expert, or be accompanied by a person with a minimum of experience. But if you want, you can simply read our article, you will find what you need. Here are the essentials to have or to know when you are new in the field:

  • Protecting your hands
  • Have a supply of water
  • A piece of easily accessible land
  • Know what is easy to grow
  • Monitor daily
  • Seek help from a specialist
  • Repeat if you fail.

How to start a vegetable garden as a beginner : what to remember ?

We were able to find these tips with the help of some testimonies, the list could be even longer, but let’s just stick to the essential. First of all, before starting any activity, it is imperative to protect your hands with gloves made of cotton inside and latex outside, so with this combination, you will be protected, also, some injuries or stings will be spared.

Next, you need to choose an accessible piece of land that you could supply with water quickly and efficiently.

Also, you need to know if the climate you will have chosen is favorable for a shoot, once this is done, make sure to grow something fairly simple at first, and if there is complexity, you will know how to solve it easily. Obviously, daily monitoring is essential to identify a need on the part of your plants and address it.

Finally, if your first harvest fails, don’t get discouraged and ask for help from a specialist. We have tried to simplify and summarize as much as possible what it is essential to do when you want to start gardening. However, know that it is a passion that must be cultivated, if it does not succeed the first time, it will certainly succeed another time. Ambition and perseverance are the key words.

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